Online Virus Scan | Free Virus Removal

Online virus scan programs available for free. Select the desired online virus scan and fix your computer. While online virus scan sites will detect and remove viruses from an infected computer, they do not protect them. If you are looking for free virus fixes and removal tools that you can download and install on your computer see: Free virus fixes | Best Free Virus and Spyware Removal

Free Online Virus Scan

  1. Online virus scan Trend Micro HouseCall online virus scanner.
  2. Free online scanner by cyber security company F-Secure Free Online Scanner.
  3. Free online security tools by Bitdefender allows you to scan your computer for free.
  4. Online virus scan made “ESET Online Scanner
  5. Online antivirus scan provided by Panda Security 

Scan a Suspicious File, Domain or URL

Instead of scanning your entire computer, you may be looking for something to help scan and verify if a file, such as something you just downloaded to your computer, is safe to open. Or, you may be wondering if a particular website is safe to go to. There are many free online malware scanners that will help you with this. Below are a few.

  • VirusTotal Online scanner for viruses and malware. Can scan a file you upload, a specific URL (web address), an IP address, etc.
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  • Hybrid Analysis A free malware analysis service that uses CrowdStrike Falcon Sandbox.
  • Joe Sandbox Cloud Basic is a free, deep malware analysis online service.
  • Yomi suspicious file analyzer to detect various malware. A Yoroi serice.
  • Comodo Valkyrie This may be too technical for most. If you know how to get the hash value (SHA1) of a file, you can submit it to this site to review the reported scan of the file. If you don’t, you can skip this.
  • OPSWAT MetaDefender Cloud Similar to the others you can upload a file, enter a URL, IP address, domain name, hash value and so on.
  • Maltiverse Threat Analyzer

Looking for Free Antivirus Instead?

If you are looking for free antivirus you can install to help keep your computer protected, then see our free antivirus page for a list of free antivirus.