Oregon Cloud Services

Oregon Cloud services for Oregon-based businesses can make a substantial difference to a company’s bottom-line.

It is true, that there are many cost-savings & strategic benefits when using cloud computing and cloud services. Getting away from having to upgrade the hardware of a server every 3-5 years is just one. Other benefits include not having to buy (and continually pay for upgrades) of typical software (like Microsoft Office).

But a substantial amount of value really comes from efficiencies that can be achieved in updating operating procedures to leverage the accessibility of data and employees.

Just about every business would benefit by using cloud services today, but here are some things that can help you determine if cloud services will help your company.

  1. If you have remote users, Cloud services may be ideal for your business.
  2. If you are currently paying to maintain one or more servers? Due to the expense, limitations, and risk, you may want to consider cloud services.
  3. Have projects that requires hiring staff for? Or perhaps a business with lots of employee turn-over? Cloud services can help quickly cut costs when your staff decreases and start-up immediately at the next business cycle, or for the next project when you start adding more employees.
  4. Cloud Computing & associated cloud services are not an all-or nothing scenario. Some things make bottom-line sense to have “in the cloud”, others don’t have adequate advantages either to the businesses operations or cost-savings. That said, some things can have tremendous “game-changing” effects on a company’s operations. What’s important to note, is that just because part of the company may use cloud computing services, everything doesn’t need to.
  5. Desktops, or laptop computers no longer need to be robust, and can be a fraction of their cost. So costs per employee decrease.
  6. Support & maintenance costs drop to a fraction due to the structure of cloud computing.
  7. Streamlining workflows, leveraging phones and other devices can not only improve client satisfaction, but reduce overhead, and improve cashflow.

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