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When you spend money on technology for your company, you need to know how it’s going to help you reach your business goals. Traditionally many business owners trying to save money end up buying the cheapest hardware and software to reduce costs. This typically results in the exact opposite of the desired outcome. The company spends thousands more in support, dramatically reduces its operational efficiencies which can translate into economic costs of hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. This is further compounded with an all too often increased expense, relative to output.  of paying employees to try to figure out how to resolve the issues themselves (or wait until tech support can help) all the while they are not producing effectively for the company.
Often cash-strapped small business owners don’t feel they have a choice. They don’t have the thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to buy the equipment to help their company run as it should. So they try to make do. With cloud computing, this no longer needs to be the case.

Why Your Company should consider using Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing can be a very effective way for companies to free up capital (by not investing in physical hardware such as the servers & large cash outlay for buying all the software as well). Additionally, desktop computers or notebooks that employees use do not need to be as powerful (read expensive). Though this definitely helps a company’s profitability, there are some other areas that Cloud Computing can have a greater advantage.

Alaska Cloud Computing Benefits

No Large Cash Outlay/ Capital Expense

  • No servers to buy.
  • Reduced the need to buy & own software.
  • Able to spend less on employee’s desktop/notebook computers.
  • Reduce monthly costs when the number of employees drops, and quickly add more when the need arises.
  • Reduce the cost of server setups and migrations.
  • Reduced expense on technology support.
  • Reduced productivity loss due to faulty hardware and downtime to replace on-premise servers.
  • No more costly server upgrades that can impact operations such as adding hard drive space (and various other hardware upgrades) to existing servers.
  • End the cycle of having to buy a server every 3-5 years and having to pay to set up the new server(s) and migrate your company data.
  • For companies with multiple offices, data can easily be centralized in the Cloud environment eliminating the need for multiple servers in various locations, and the hassles associated with trying to keep each synchronized so all employees are working with the same information.

Flexibility Impacts Operations For Alaska Businesses Using Cloud Servers

  • Employees are more mobile & able to operate efficiently wherever they are, at home, project site, and so on. The fast Internet connections at the Cloud servers allow employees anywhere to connect to current company files, data, software, & in some cases, each other.
  • Redundancies in operations can be reduced & in many cases eliminated. Often companies pay employees to write information in the field, and then later input the information when they are back in the office.
  • Greater efficiencies allow employees to do more projects & existing projects with better results, both contribute to the company’s bottom line profitability.
  • Customers & clients often see the improvement as faster responses and more effective management by companies using Cloud Computing.

Minimize Software Upgrade Impacts to Operations

When software gets updated or new software gets installed, (which can seem all too often) there is an increased probability that incompatibility or data corruption may occur. When this happens it could result in hours of downtime (possibly days). In the cloud, this is mitigated. New software or updates can quickly be tested and in the event of a conflict or corruption, the company can roll back to the previous state within seconds, or instead could simply install the software in a test environment first (to test) so no loss in productivity occurs.

We hope we have given you ample reasons to understand why it is important for your company to consider using our Alaska Cloud Computing Services. Frustration Free IT is a Cloud Computing Provider located in Anchorage Alaska.
Learn how your company can start saving money, running more effectively & increase your company’s profitability.

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