IT Cloud Security | Security and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing security is paramount for businesses to even consider using cloud computing. As it happens, cloud computing and cloud computing security are moving forward in a very fast-pace, due to the significant advantages cloud computing can offer companies. See our pros and cons of cloud computing to learn more of the advantages and drawbacks of cloud computing.

With a virtual private cloud, companies may carve out a virtual network that is isolated and acts just like their traditional network, but with the benefits of Cloud Computing. But there has been concerns regarding the security of the data in the cloud, especially in respect to meeting compliance and various industry regulations (CMMC, HIPPA, GLBA, etc). However these concerns have been addressed as well. Beyond the typical domain security groups, we have been utilizing encryption on all client data. With AES 256 bit encryption on information in the cloud, cloud computing security issues are addressed & mitigated.

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