What is a Virtual Private Cloud “VPC”

What is a Virtual Private Cloud?

A virtual private cloud is an isolated environment that often uses software (hypervisor) to segment specified hardware resources for the exclusive use of a particular person or company.

Confused? Let’s look at something you may be more familiar with. 

Think of a tall office building. Most businesses don’t have the resources or desire to buy an entire building. Instead of owning your own building, you rent a room or multiple connected rooms, and though you don’t own these rooms, they are made to be for your use and no one else can access them until you have finished.

What is a private cloud?

A private cloud is when hardware, such as a group of servers, is used by a single person or company. This is just like having your servers in your office, only you take advantage of using someone else’s servers (and other resources) in datacenters.

In the same way, you can compare a server with a virtual private server. If you have a server in your office, chances are your server can be “virtualized” by using a hypervisor. Hypervisors allow virtualization-compatible hardware to be segmented to create virtual servers or virtual machines. This allows you to have multiple virtual servers running from a single physical server.