Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud Computing Companies – Which should you choose?

You should select a Cloud Computing Company that will help meet your business objectives. This will likely mean you will actually use multiple Cloud Computing Companies. A key starting point before looking for cloud computing companies and their myriad of solutions is to first look internally at your past & current operations and your competition, and ensure you have a clear understanding of ‘who’ your company is in your marketplace. Who is your ideal target market? What problems are they trying to solve? Knowing the why’s behind, when & frequency of these needs can help ensure you have identified the right unique selling proposition or key differentiators as to what makes you best in your industry.

With this insight of your company focus, you can better identify key strategic differences between the numerous cloud computing companies and identify specific offerings that will add most the most value to your company. Allowing you to optimize your operations and often mitigate risks.

When we say Cloud Computing Companies, the understanding can have a variety of meanings.

Cloud Computing Companies may refer to a Cloud Computing Service company that provides services (cloud applications, cloud servers, cloud desktops, and so forth) however; this Cloud Computing company may actually be combining components from several Cloud Computing Companies.

Cloud Computing companies may equally apply to a Cloud Computing Company that only specializes in a single part of Cloud Computing such as Cloud Storage or a Cloud-based application such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

In the end, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. It matters what it can allow your business to do. So don’t get lost in the technical details that are constantly changing. Just focus on your business objectives and let that drive the discussion.

One of the most important aspects of selecting Cloud Computing Companies is to get with a cloud computing consulting company or have your internal IT staff familiar with the benefits of Cloud Computing and the disadvantages of Cloud Computing, and then get with your internal team/stakeholders and start identifying what changes will make the biggest positive impact to your operations and help you meet your business objectives and goals. Build a ranked criteria list that the ideal solution will need to meet and have each potential vendor convey how they meet, or where they fall short.