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One major time waster most people deal with is going through all the spam emails. Over the past several months we have been searching for a free spam filter that works well. Not only did we find one, but it will also act as an iPhone Spam filter, in other words, an email spam filter for iPhones.

Now, there is a catch to using this application for your iPhone, but for those people that really want something, then there is a way you can use this free software to filter spam from your iPhone. The free spam filter software is called DesktopOne (basic). You can download the spam filter software for your iPhone at:
DesktopOne (See below before you download

Before you download the program, let me go over how you would have to run it and the limitations it will have.
First limitation of using DesktopOne to filter your iPhone email:
DesktopOne will need to be installed on a computer and run essentially all the time on that computer. Further it will need to be configured as IMAP and not pop3 (type of connectivity to the email server).
The basic version of DesktopOne only filters spam from one email account, and only one folder. So if you have a lot of folders then you would need to buy their Pro version for around $20. However, remember that you still have the limitation of needing to keep your computer running with the pro version of the DesktopOne spam filtering software running so it can filter the emails before the spam gets sent to your iPhone.
If you are want to try it, let us know how you felt it did. Others may want to hold off for a better solution, and depending on your business you can have some other options that are readily available. The core of the solutions will be at filtering the incoming emails before they get to your iPhone. Those that don’t have a PC, but a Mac instead, may want to try SpamSieve (we haven’t tried this product yet, but hear Mac users like it). For those curious, they do offer a trial version.
Most organizations that either have their own server, or a hosted email server account, will have spam filtering already in place and should be filtering spam off their email before it goes to their iPhone.
However, people will often have their iPhones set to check another email account, such as from their Internet Service Provider (ISP, or Internet Company), or a Yahoo, or Hotmail account. ISP’s spam filtering capabilities vary greatly depending on what solution they have in place, so if you need additional spam filtering for your iPhone, hopefully this article has helped.

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