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Online virus scan programs available for free. Select the desired online virus scan and fix your computer. While online virus scan sites will detect and remove viruses from an infected computer, they do not protect them. If you are looking for free virus fixes and removal tools that you can download and install on your computer see: Free virus fixes | Best Free Virus and Spyware Removal

When you suspect you may have a virus and you can access the internet on that computer and do not have up-to-date antivirus, you can try an online virus removal and scan site "online virus scan" which are offered by many antivirus companies. To save you time & frustration trying to locate the online virus scan websites, several are listed below:

Free Online Virus Scan

  1. Online virus scan "BitDefender Online Scanner"
  2. Online virus scan "Threat scanner" by CA Internet security. *Requires Internet Explorer.
  3. Online virus scan by Norton. Requires Internet Explorer. Click the "Continue to Symantec Security Check" button for the free online virus scan.
  4. Online virus scan made "ESET Online Scanner" (You must use Internet Explorer, or it will prompt you to download & install)
    Feedback: trying to use this service was very slow to load after accepting the agreement terms, you will finally get an ActiveX control which you must accept to have it install.
  5. Online virus scan provided by Panda Security When using Firefox, you will have to download and install the plug-in. In Internet Explorer you will be prompted to install the ActiveX control which you must do for it to run.

Free Online Virus Scan sites that require you to download & install: (depending on the virus or malware your computer is infected with, you may not be able to run the below). If you so, please try one of the above options. If you are still having problems, let us know by using the contact form below:

feel free to call us at: 907-375-8310

  1. Though reported to be an online virus scan tool, this is a download by Mcafee to scan for virus, firewall issues, web security problems and more.
  2. Trend Micro makes a 32bit and 64bit version free online virus scan called HouseCall that requires you to download and install
  3. Norton's Free online virus scan is called Security Scan Click the Download Now button.

Online Virus Scan services (also free) that you can upload files to have them scanned, or have it check an web address for viruses.

  1. Online virus scan for files and web addresses by Kaspersky
  2. Online virus scan, file submittal page to have Fortiguard scan a suspicious file

Free Antivirus programs:

  1. AVG Free antivirus. This use to be for just personal use, be sure to read the End user license agreement EULA
  2. Avira makes a free antivirus program for personal use, antivirus program
  3. Free antivirus for home & non-commercial use made by Avast
  4. BitDefender Free Edition -However, this does not actively run and is equivalent of an online scanner.. Only running when you tell it to so no active prevention. *Requires your email address to download.
  5. Microsoft Security Essentials MSE - Free antivirus program for home and small businesses.

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