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Freeware Spam Blocker for Email

One of the most frustrating things each day is to have to go through a lot of emails only to find a very few are real emails... what a waste of time!

I just got through a few months of testing free spam filter software with one of my home email accounts (it was getting about 50 spam emails a day and only 1 or 2 were real emails).

So, if you came here to find: "Best Webmail Spam Filter" or "Free Windows Spam Filter" or "Freeware Spam Blocker for Email".

The solution desktop computer is freeware by CloudMark called DesktopOne

This freeware spam blocker for email will integrate with your existing email software installed on your computer like: outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird and Windows mail.

As spam comes in, in sucks it right back out and into a spam folder. If you get a lot of spam like I do, it is almost comical to watch… the first seconds all the emails come pouring into the inbox and the next they get sucked right back out and into the spam folder.

They offer a Pro version, but for home use the Desktop one is great! Again, you can get it here. DesktopOne

In the next few days we'll write some additional articles to help others struggling with spam to find this site and get rid of spam, (specific to the iPhone, android, an Outlook Express).

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