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Finding the best Malware Removal Software can be extremely frustrating. We hope to save you time and frustration by providing quick links for the best free malware remover programs and include free malware removal steps.

The Best Free Malware removal Software:

  1. SuperAntispyware , Free SuperAntiSpyware or 15 day Trial of the Professional version
  2. Malwarebytes antimalware, Malwarebytes Relatively new Malware removal programs that we are testing:
  3. Ad Aware version 9
  4. Microsoft Security Essentials

One thing we really like the idea of, but haven’t tested yet, is Microsoft’s support to clean up Malware. If you have never gone through a malware removal process, it can be tiring and very time consuming. Because of this free Malware removal support, we would like to hear back from those who have tried the Microsoft Security Essentials. You can find their support website here: Security Essentials Support

If you want to download the Free Malware remover "Microsoft Security Essentials" you can click on: Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Best Malware Removal Software

The best malware removal software is actually the paid versions of SuperAntispyware and Malwarebytes antimalware. We have seen over the past year that Super antipsyware has consistently caught more items, but we always run both to ensure a computer is clean.

When you factor in the time and frustration for cleaning up malware, the cost for either malware removal programs is trivial. Super Antispyware offers a lifetime of updates & support for a 1-time cost of around $40 for two computers or about $30 for 1 computer. You can download the 15 day trial of Super antispyware professional. If you are buying to prevent malware or remove malware from your business computers, then it is important to note that we can get you discounts off their published price. Feel free to contact us with how many computers you have that need protection.

feel free to call us at: 907-375-8310

You can buy Malwarebytes at "Major Geeks" for about $25.

Free Malware Removal

Let’s assume your computer is infected with malware. How do you remove malware from your computer?
  1. Get free malware removal software:
    1. For those that want to stick with Microsoft, you can start with the Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool or "malware removal software".
    2. Following the Microsoft route, if you are not sure that the above malware removal software actually removed the malware, then your next step would be to visit the Microsoft free PC safety scan
    3. If this comes up clean, you can download the trial of Super-antispyware to verify no other malicious software exists on your computer.
    4. (Trial) Super antispyware professional
      1. If you can access the site and download it on the infected computer. Once it is installed be sure to select the option to run a full scan.
    5. If you are unable to access either website from the computer infected with malware, or if you have already tried other anti-malware software but they will not run, you can download a special version of SuperAntispyware from another computer and save it to a USB thumb drive, external drive, or burn it to a cd and take it to the computer infected with malware. Though either the trial or the free may work just fine, because there are malware that can cause programs to not run and/or install, downloading the special version may help save you time.

      If SUPERAntiSpyware is already installed but will not run, please download and run the following program RUNSUPERAntiSpyware
      If you are unable to get SUPERAntiSpyware running or installed please download and run SasSafeRun

      For general support questions regarding SuperAntispware see Super-Antispyware support
      For very detailed steps on removing malware, majorgeeks maintain a forum with extensive free malware removal steps. You can find that forum here.

      Ideally it is far better to prevent having to go through a malware removal process. Here are some tips as to what you can do to minimize the impact that malware can harm your computer.

      1. Use antimalware software that actively protects against infections (you can use Super Anti spyware with most (if not all) antivirus programs. Note the free version is only Malware Removal, and doesn’t prevent like the professional version. Make sure it is set to update automatically.
      2. Keep your antivirus up-to-date as well.
      3. Use imaging software that not only takes snapshots of your data, but of the entire system which will allow you to recover back to a particular point in time, whether due to a hard drive failure, accidental deletion, malware, spyware, virus infection, and so on. We like ShadowProtect Desktop Edition. You can download a trial version here. Save your images (backups) to an external drive, such as a USB attached (external) 2 Terabyte drive.

        If you have questions or need help removing malware, please contact us.

        feel free to call us at: 907-375-8310

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