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What compatible spam filter software for Outlook is out there and is there a free Outlook spam blocker? Two questions that have been asked a lot lately, so we are letting everyone know the scoop:
What are the compatible spam software for Outlook? There are many. However, we have just finished a two month test of a free version of spam filter software for Outlook called DesktopOne. We were more than satisfied with the results. We tested it without Outlook 2010 (which is the latest version of Outlook) and it did great, what’s more for basic use, many people can do just fine with their basic version, which is free. For more advanced needs, they offer a Pro version (around $20), or their Exchange edition. At this point we run testing with our test Exchange server, but if it is anything like their free version, it should do well.
To get your free spam blocking software that is compatible with Microsoft Outlook, you can download it here:
For more information about how the outlook spam blocking software works, see: How it works.

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