Free Anti Spam for Yahoo Mail

Free Yahoo Mail Anti Spam | Spam Filter

You’d expect your Yahoo email account should be free of spam, but sadly it can seem to be nothing but spam. Many of us that use Yahoo mail know this all too well. To help alleviate the amount of spam when checking your Yahoo email account, you can use the following free anti spam software for Yahoo mail account.

To use the anti spam software, simply download and install it on your computer. Using Microsoft Outlook Express or Windows mail to check your Yahoo account, as the Spam are delivered to your inbox the DesktopOne software will scan for incoming viruses & spam and then suck these emails out and into a Spam folder.

After about two months of testing, we are more than satisfied with this free product.

You can download the free version of DesktopOne for your computer here:
DesktopOne Download

They also make a pro version that has even more functionality for anyone with more than a basic need of email.
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If you only check your Yahoo mail by using your web browser “web mail”, then you will likely find the following link helpful:

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