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Technology business consulting is the service provided to businesses that carefully aligns the right technologies to streamline business processes which reduce overhead, miscommunications, allow business operations to run more efficiently, improve customer satisfaction, and business to business interactions. Companies hire business technology consultants to help insure the money their business spends on technology (computers, servers, software, and other network equipment and technologies) is carefully spent so their company achieves its operating goals and desired bottom-line results.

The advantages to using technology business consulting start with the fact that it need not cost any more than what a business typically spends on an average computer repair person, however the positive impact business technology consulting can have on a business go far beyond a momentary fix a on a computer at a given moment. Technology business consulting empowers businesses' employees to function with more efficiency, including automation to eliminate redundancies, streamlined business processes and work flows, improved customer communication, satisfaction and the list goes on. In essence business technology consulting can pay for its services through improvements to the business's net income.

Selecting the right technology business consulting company is much like hiring a new employee. The potential candidates should have experience and referrals you can contact. It is important to understand that technology business consulting firms will often handle your computer, software, network and other technology maintenance & support as well. Since business technology consultants specialize in bottom-line results you will typically find them promoting "proactive maintenance" and sometimes offer a flat price for unlimited support. Additionally, these companies will identify their business as a Managed Service (or solutions) provider "MSP". Over the last several years, more and more technology companies have started to promote their businesses with some sort of proactive maintenance. As a business owner, that makes finding the right company more difficult. To help you find the best technology business consulting firm in your area, we list some highly rated MSP companies throughout the united states, but if none of these are near your business location, you can start filtering through local companies by asking some of the following questions to discover which business technology company you want to partner with and is adequately prepared to help your business grow.

Questions to ask technology business consulting companies:

  1. How long has your company been doing this, and what specifically does your company do?
  2. As a client, what should I expect?
  3. Do you have a list of references we can contact, and are any in our industry?
  4. If your references are not in our industry, do you feel your services will have as high of an ROI for competing technology business consulting firms that may specialize in our industry? If so, why?
  5. Has your company been unsuccessful with a client and if so, what went wrong? (Pending on what they say, you may want to contact that company to see if both sides viewed the outcome and causes to the outcome the same). A follow-up question would be, what does the consulting company do differently now to prevent the lack of success with future clients.
As a business owner or management, some things you should be aware of and think about:

  1. Where are employees/staff spending their time and what tasks are they spending them on?
  2. What areas of our operations are the weakest or could use some improvement and what are the operational bottlenecks?
  3. What part of our operations cost the company the most money?
  4. What feedback from customers have you received? (examples below)
    1. Is it difficult to contact someone in your company
    2. How responsive is your company towards your customers?
    3. Why do customers choose you over the competition?
    4. If your company could improve just one service what service would your customers want you to improve?
    5. If your company provided just one additional customer service, what would your customers want?
    6. If you ever speak with your competitors customers, why did they choose them over your company?
  5. Do you have an easy method of measuring how well each person is performing at their job?
  6. Do your employees have an easy way for them to see how they are performing?

Business owners or managers should expect that proposed changes will affect their operations. For changes to be effective, management must enforce the processes the business technology consulting firm and management agree upon. Typically these are welcomed changes, but sometimes change is not easy for people and some staff may opt for an old way of doing something, regardless of how much it is costing the company. In these situations, it is good for management to ensure the staff is onboard and understands the benefits to the change(s) and know ahead of time how they want to handle any exceptions.

Another thing to keep in mind is hiring a business technology consulting firm is not a one-time engagement. Instead, they should be there to help ensure your business success. This means they should be monitoring and maintaining your technology, or at the very least, having quarterly or periodic goal reviews to ensure your business operations have been improving and planning for future changes to remain competitive in the market place.

So what should you do now?

If you are ready leverage technology to improve your business operations, then you can look at the list of technology business consulting companies we have reviewed on our IT consulting firm services page, to check if any are in your local area; if you don't see a technology business consulting firm in the list that is near you, you may contact us to see if we can locate one for you that you may want to meet with. In your email to us, mention the city/cities and what industry your company is in. We will contact you with our results. We do not charge for this. We offer this service to help businesses and consulting firms that commit to excellence in service.

How do we select technology business consulting firms that we would recommend? We use two main factors. Once is the consulting firm must be willing to be accountable for its business practices. In our list of technology business consulting firms (IT consulting firm services) all have committed to excellence, and are competitors that hold each one accountable and meet regularly with competing peers which scrutinize their operations. Each consulting firm does this voluntarily and at their own expense with their goal of improving their operations and continually providing excellence in service.

The other factor we consider is the referrals from this competitive peer review group. The result allows the business owner or manager know that a technology business consulting firm we recommend is one that is a successfully run company that is committed to their own operational excellence and should be an exceptional candidate to help your business excel.