SEO Consulting Service

The SEO consulting service builds on the initial steps of the product and market research. If you are considering using a SEO consulting service, and find that they are asking you for what "keywords" you want to optimize on, then you should look for SEO consulting services from another firm. This is important because for the maximum return on your money, you need to go where the demand is highest for your product or services, and to take into account the competitive analysis for each product or service you sell, (or desire to sell). So the company offering SEO consulting services should be able to tell you why you should be focusing on particular key terms, and why you may want to structure your site one way verses another, and give you the data to back-up their proposal.

SEO consulting service can be an unlimited service, or very minimalistic. To the bargain hunters out there, beware the SEO consulting service from companies that say they can do all that a full-service SEO consulting firm will do, but at a fraction of the price. So how can you tell if an SEO Consulting service from a company may be right for your business?

SEO Consulting Service -Is it right for your company?

Things to consider regarding SEO consulting services:

  1. 1. How many new sales would it take to break even? (Segmented out via product, service, etc.)
  2. Have they identified products that have strong potential? Can this be quantified?
  3. Keep in mind your average buying cycle for each product/service
  4. How many high volume search terms have the SEO consulting firm identified? Of those, how competitive are they? What is the likelihood of your site being ranked for the top position?
  5. Keep in mind, If you're selling products or services only in a small localized area, search results that span geographical areas that you don't cover are meaningless.
  6. What specifically will the SEO consulting firm be doing for you each month? Is it just submitting your site to directories? Are they writing articles for you? If so, are they using those same articles for other companies (this is not good), are the refining your website and creating more appealing content that your prospective clients will want? Are they analyzing how people got to your site, what they were looking for, how long they stayed and where (why) the left? Are the making changes and testing to improve your sale and customer experience each month?
  7. Do you value feedback on how effectively you're spending your money? In what ways do they SEO consulting company offer to show you this information? Is it a canned report, or do they customize it to what you want to know?

Our SEO Consulting Service is very time intensive and full-service offering. We typically handle our client's entire marketing and report to the owners each month on areas we are adding, changing, and how the previous months sales were, where they came from, and so on. As such we are very selective about the clients we add. If we do not see there is adequate demand for prospective client's products or services, we will not offer to take your company on as a client.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is essentially crafting your website so that the search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing) offer your site near or at the top of the search results when prospective clients search for a related product or service. Today, this often entails examining what it is you want to promote and making sure your website reflects this in an organized manner, and that the terminology you use matches what your prospective clients use. Beyond this, it is essentially a contest; your company against all others, who can provide the most relevant & unique content that your prospective buyers are looking for and where they are looking. Therefore, it takes a lot of understanding of what exactly your company does (and does differently from others), and what specifically your ideal clients are looking for.

SEO Consulting service tips:

  1. What could you offer your prospective clients that they could really benefit and appreciate? Can your site be the source that they go to get answers for your industry?
  2. What is your company in business to do? Can your clients relate? Are you in business just to make money? Or is it to make a difference? We are in business to better the lives of others. This extends to the free support we give to help businesses succeed, as well as taking the income we make from our business marketing consulting services and investing these funds to aid non-profits (mainly helping kids that have been abandoned, abused, and/or living in desolate conditions). We team with other businesses to further help aid other non-profit causes.
  3. People can be reached in a variety of mediums, from audio, video, text, and the list continues but keep in mind there are many ways to engage your existing and prospective clients, and many different areas that you can reach them at.

Have an existing website that doesn't seem to be working for you? See our SEO diagnostic audit webpage regarding our SEO diagnostic services.

Could your company benefit from business marketing consulting services, or our SEO consulting service? If your company is considering business marketing consulting services, SEO consulting service, or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and you have questions, but don’t want to be hounded to buy something, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, would be eager to hear what resource we can offer that would help your company the most.

SEO Website Designing

SEO Website designing builds upon our SEO consulting service and develops a website tailored to your desires and crafted to be easy to find & appealing for your prospective and existing clients. Our SEO website designing can incorporate a SEO diagnostic audit for our clients with existing websites that want on SEO website makeover, or we can start from ground up. For more information on our SEO website design, contact us using the form below:

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