Online Marketing for a Law Firm

Online marketing for a law firm can be the most effective way to reach your ideal clients. Why is online marketing for law firms so effective? Radio, television, magazines, phonebook listings, & newspapers, all have very little ability to give the law firm feedback as to the marketing campaign’s effectiveness; with online marketing you get extremely detailed and timely feedback.

Marketing dollars are spent more effectively on online marketing since the performance can be tracked of online ads and webpages, allowing marketing campaigns to be modified & focused on what is most effective.

How to start your online marketing for a Law Firm?

To start your online law firm marketing, your time would be best spent meeting with an online marketing specialist (we’d be happy to help).

Either way, you will need to decide what services your firm will want to promote. The marketing firm can then review your website (if one exists) and run an initial analysis based off the information gathered during the initial meeting. This is the typical first step.

With an agreement with an online marketing firm to update (or create) and manage your website as well as create and manage your online ad campaigns, your law firm should be well on its way to reaching your ideal clients.

As an owner or partner in a law firm, your time is very valuable, and though the thought of doing your own social media may be a tempting idea to get new clientele, (such as through a Facebook page), if you don’t have the time to spend to keep these social media pages and efforts updated & active, your likely better off without them. Statistics show us it could actually do more harm to have a seldom touched Facebook page than to not have one at all.

What should you do now?

We would be happy to help your law firm effectively reach your ideal clients through online marketing.
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