Marketing Legal Services to Small Business

Marketing legal services to small business can be a time consuming and expensive endeavor for most law firms. Most methods of marketing such as radio or television have very little traceable methods to measure the effectiveness of a campaign. With online marketing however, this need not be the case.

How can you affectively reach your small business prospects online?

Be found as small businesses look for what your law firm offers. When marketing your legal services to small businesses online, the law firm’s website needs to convey the focus of the legal services to small businesses.
Be unique from your competitors in the legal services to small businesses you offer.

For example, when we add a small business client, we do an initial assessment to determine if there is enough demand for our prospective client’s services to warrant our fees to redesign and manage our client’s marketing efforts. Every other marketing firm I am aware would gladly take a customer who was willing to pay. However, we are more selective as this helps ensure our high-level of service and effective results, and benefits us and our prospective clients. That’s just one of the several aspects on how our online marketing is unique. Speaking to you directly as a small business owner, what does your law firm do that can uniquely help my companies?

Be compelling with a low barrier of entry. Be sure to make it easy for potential small business owners to ask you questions without the fear of being charged for them to determine if there will be a good fit between their business and your legal services.

Be active in your industry and the core purpose your law firm stands for. Engage with your business clients; find out more about their business to determine if they are in need of more of your law firm’s legal services, but just were unaware. If they don’t need any additional legal services that your law firm offers, ask them if they need something your law firm isn’t currently offering. With you engaging more with your clients & developing those relationships, they will typically refer you to the businesses they work with. With all the time it can take to cultivate existing client relationships, consider having us help you with your marketing of legal services.

Call and ask us about the marketing services we can offer your law firm. We want to hear about your legal services to small business clients, perhaps we could use your legal services as well?

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