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Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to business marketing, is Internet marketing right for your business? It may not be! We help business run effectively, so we don’t take on clients if we don’t think we can help them. Why is that important? Well, here’s what you need to know:

Though Internet marketing is typically works well in regards to business to business marketing, we want to be upfront to those who do business in the manner describe immediately below.

If you typically get your clients through submitting & winning proposals such as through like our construction industry clients do, then the standard method of either Search Engine Optimization “SEO” (modifying your site so your business is found on relevant search terms) or Search Engine Marketing “SEM” (paying for online business ads to appear in search results and across various websites), may not give a justifiable ROI.

In fact, if you are facing a similar situation, you already know the ideal goal is to get in front of the person(s) designing the RFQ or RFP so the request is designed around your products as services. If your company is in an industry such as construction and you want a straightforward answer on what your company should regarding business to business marketing, we would be happy to take a look at no charge to get you focused in the right direction. If you need help with this type of business to business marketing:

Business to Business Internet Marketing

Business to business Internet marketing, if you have tried it you know it can be a very powerful growing force for your company. If you haven’t tried business to business internet marketing, then you likely are not sure about advertising or marketing in general. This is because most other forms of marketing don’t give you the feedback to know what specifically people are responding to, or even worse you may be in a situation where they are not responding to anything and your just spending money! Sadly lots of business owners are doing this, in hopes it will work, or in fear that if they stop spending they won’t get the few leads they are getting.

How does business to business Internet marketing help?

Getting with an internet marketing company you feel comfortable with will be the first step to getting your business to business Internet marketing benefitting your company. Be sure the marketing company is aligned to help your business succeed. What do I mean by this?

For example, we only select clients we feel we can help. This is broken down in a couple parts.
Client exclusivity: First we see what the prospective client wants to promote & where they want to promote it. If we already have a client in an industry and area that a prospective client would like help in, we pass on the opportunity. We work extremely hard to help our client’s businesses become they success they have envisioned –we couldn’t do this if we were also helping the competition.

Demand Analysis: When a prospective clients calls on us to review their site and see if we can help them. We do an initial (free) assessment. This does a few things:

  1. Helps prospective businesses and our company save time
  2. Typically creates leads for us from both those businesses that become our clients and those businesses that do not. For the prospective companies that we review and don’t add due to insufficient data to support our fees, will give them tips on what they can do to help their business. These companies will often refer other businesses struggling with Internet marketing to us, knowing we only take on clients we can help.
  3. Some instances of internet marketing may actually warrant heavy social media marketing and an onsite presence to do video shoots for clients. In this instance, we try to help those businesses find the best Internet marketing firm in their immediate area.

Once you get with an Internet marketing company you feel comfortable with, the next step is to discuss your business goals in detail so the marketing can coincide and support your business sales goals.

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