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Alaska Internet Marketing, also called Alaska Search Engine Marketing, or Alaska Pay-per-click whatever terminology you use, we help our clients accomplish their business goals through effective Search Engine Marketing.

The first step of our Alaska Internet Marketing service, is meeting with our prospective clients to discuss their marketing plan. When prospective clients have an existing website, we review the website’s structure and focus prior to our initial meeting.

Though Search engine marketing involves creating & managing online advertisements such as text ads, image, video and other multimedia advertisements, an effective Internet marketing structure ensures the ads & website work together. This allows visitors to have a better experience & our clients to have greater ROI.

Our Alaska Internet marketing service, utilizes the same analytical research we do for our Alaska Search Engine Optimization service. This helps ensure the maximum return on investment (ROI) for our clients, and allow us to effectively implement & management our client’s Internet marketing & Alaska pay-per-click advertisements.

Alaska Search Engine Marketing – Why use for your Alaska SEM?

  • Our clients have had great success with our service for years
  • We have staff who are qualified in Google AdWords.
  • We are local to Alaska & meet with our clients frequently to ensure goals are being met or exceeded.
  • Client loyalty – We set up exclusive relationships with our clients - Only having one client per industry in a targeted area. Some clients have an exclusive for the entire state of Alaska in their industry. We work with our clients to help ensure their success. We understand that doing SEM services for Alaskan companies that compete against each other would be a conflict of interest, and therefore are extremely selective about the clients we work with.

Free initial Search Engine Marketing & SEO consultation for Alaskan companies. Due to our exclusive relationships with clients, we conduct a market analysis prior to offering our services to potential clients. This is done to help ensure our service will reach or exceed the expectations of our clients. In the event that our market analysis indicates there may be poor results for a potential client, we will offer other suggestions to our services.

Alaska Internet Marketing can be an extremely effective way for businesses to grow and reach more ideal customers than ever before.

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