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Blue Screen Error Fix for Windows Blue Screen Error

These are frequently reported as "blue screen after start up" and often contain information like:

"irql not less or equal blue screen error" This Windows blue screen error is typically due to a couple of things, either a change in a driver (the software that talks to the hardware), or when new hardware is added, or when a hard drive is dying and system files get corrupt we can also see this blue screen error.

Because there are many possible causes for the blue screen, the fix for the "blue screen of death" also varies. As with anything else, we first recommend making sure you have a recent backup of your computer.

Assuming you have a good backup of your computer, and with the computer powered off, make sure you disconnect all additional devices (external drives, printers that are attached to the computer, smartphones, etc.). Just have your power, monitor, mouse & keyboard connected and try to boot into Windows. If that resolved the problem, add one device at a time and restart your computer until you have isolated the device causing the problem with your computer. Then go to that devices' website and check for updated drivers/software.

If removing the devices didn't help. Then boot your computer pressing the F8 key, which will give you the option to select boot into "Last known good configuration" (if you see the Windows splash screen, you missed it & will need to restart your computer).

Last Known Good

Sometimes recent installations of software or drivers can cause the blue screen after start up, this option of using the "Last known Good Configuration" can often get your computer back and running within a few minutes if this is the case.

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