Private Cloud Computing or Private Cloud

Private Cloud Computing ( Private Cloud) will typically utilize the virtualization that public, hybrid, or virtual private cloud computing will use, however Private Cloud Computing does not leverage the same underlying hardware resources that make the other types of Cloud Computing so beneficial.

In Private Cloud Computing, the business still makes the large capital investment of buying, installing, maintaining and servicing the hardware as well as replacing the hardware after three or four years, therefore Private Cloud Computing lacks a considerable amount of benefits and is used by few companies. Private Cloud Computing may be thought of as an internal cloud for the organization and their equipment may be collocated in one or more datacenters or within the company's own buildings. The difference being that under the Private Cloud Computing model, the businesses still own the equipment and do not share the underlying hardware with other companies.

Virtual Private Cloud Computing

Virtual Private Cloud Computing is the ideal scenario for most businesses that are looking to leverage "The Cloud" while still maintaining the security of their data. Virtual Private Cloud Computing leverages the use of servers in datacenters that the business has not bought. Instead companies that use Virtual Private Cloud Computing pay a monthly fee based off what they have provisioned and have used. The level of privacy and security varies depending on the specific installation. Businesses looking to leverage "The Cloud" for efficiencies and greater ROI (see the Pros and Cons of Cloud Computing) can tailor their use of the cloud with either a combination of Hybrid Cloud Computing and Virtual Private Cloud Computing together, using portions of each, or where applicable a company may move its company into a full Virtual Private Cloud infrastructure.

The Virtual Private Cloud may have numerous layers of security to isolate, protect, audit, and monitor access to the data data, all of which can far exceed the levels of security that may currently exist for typical small and medium businesses.

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