Cloud Computing Companies

Cloud Computing Companies -Which should you choose?

You should select a Cloud Computing Company that will help meet your business objectives. This could mean you will actually use multiple Cloud Computing Companies, not only in respect to goal fulfillment but also in the aspect of operational recoverability, or in other words, you selection will be based of ROI and mitigation of risks.

The problem when we say Cloud Computing Companies the understanding can have a variety of meanings.

Cloud Computing Companies may refer to a Cloud Computing Service company which provides services (cloud applications, cloud servers, cloud desktops, and so forth) however, this Cloud Computing company may actually be combining components from several Cloud Computing Companies.

Cloud Computing companies may equally apply to a Cloud Computing Company that only specializes in a single part of Cloud Computing such as Cloud Storage, or a Cloud-based application such as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

The most important aspect of selecting a Cloud Computing Company is to get with a cloud computing consulting company or have internal IT staff familiar with all The pros and cons of Cloud Computing review the business objectives to assess the business needs and show where Cloud Computing can benefit.

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Common Questions regarding Cloud Computing Companies:

Which companies have cloud computing software patents? There are many companies with related Cloud Computing software patents. If you would like to search the US Patent & Trademark Office, you may do so here: Patent Search

What are some cloud computing public companies? While there are many public cloud computing companies, here is a brief list of cloud computing companies that are public:
  1. Adobe
  2. Akamai
  3. Amazon
  4. Google
  5. IBM
  6. SalesForce
  7. Yahoo
  8. Microsoft
  9. EMC
  10. Digital Reality Trust

What are some cloud computing security companies?
An organization that helps promote Cloud Computing Security best practices is the Cloud Security Alliance. If you are looking for Cloud Computing Companies that offer a secure solution for your business, see Private Cloud Computing and Virtual Private Cloud Computing