About FrustrationFreeIT.com

The purpose of FrustrationFreeIT.com is to help businesses excel in the service they provide, and inspire our clients and individuals to give back and help others, whether in their daily work life, or personal one. We are all about helping others. Sometimes we have the opportunity to help clients directly, other times we help direct businesses needing assistance to a consulting firm that specializes in an area we feel will be in the client’s best interest.

We are very selective of the clients we add (& charge), as it is critical for us that our clients have the highest level of service we are very restrictive of the ones we add. But regardless of whether we add a company as a client, our goal is to help each person or company that contacts us either directly via free or paid services, or by referring them to another consulting firm. It doesn’t hurt to contact us, so if you need help or have a technology question, let us know!

Giving back & helping others
There are opportunities to help charitable organizations & people in need everywhere. For a list of some charities see www.charitynavigator.org or check with the local charities in your area. If you are a business owner, you can build great teamwork & friendships with co-workers when you all unite to help others; it’s a fun & rewarding experience.

Who are the people behind FrustrationFreeIT.com?
FrustrationFreeIT.com was founded by Procurelogic, LLC which helps empower businesses through strategic implementations of technology & resources, providing growth of ideal customers, geographical reach, & distinct competitive advantages. The two owners of the company are Brock McFarlane & Greg Freeman.

Greg has completed the charity Ironman triathlon in UK that was held July 31st, 2011 and we were able to raise $8,500 for charity.

The next Ironman for charity Greg competed in was the US Championships in New York on August 11th, 2012. The charity is "The Children of Peru Foundation".
We were blessed with friends and family who help donate and assist our fund raising efforts for the Children of Peru. We were able to raise just over $10,000 for this event which put us in the best Ironman fundraiser for the Children of Peru as well as their best race fundraiser ever (hopefully someone will take this title from me).

feel free to call us at: 907-375-8310

Frustration Free IT is located at 139 East 51st Ave Anchorage, Alaska 99503

Privacy statement: Individuals or companies that contact us, will only be emailed in direct response to their inquiries. We hate SPAM “junk email”, and we are vehemently against it. If we feel it is in your best interest to contact another consulting firm, we will give you their contact information and let you contact them directly, unless (you) specifically ask us to have them contact you.